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Green at Florham Park: Planning Services
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Phillips Preiss has provided planning services including fiscal and community impact analyses to Rockefeller Group with regard to its master planned redevelopment of a 268-acre former Exxon-Mobil corporate campus site in Florham Park known as The Green at Florham Park. The development is now home to the BASF North American Headquarters, Summit Medical Group, and The New York JETS . The Green at Florham Park is also the future home of AVE Florham Park, which provides 256 corporate suites, The Archer Hotel, a sophisticated 161-key boutique hotel, Summit Medical Group / MD Anderson Cancer Center, providing world class cancer care, and a residential community. 

Morris Township Reexamination Report


The firm prepared a Master Plan Reexamination Report for the Township of Morris in 2017. Phillips Preiss worked closely with the Planning Board to catalogue progress that had been made on the Township’s previous plan, describe the changes experienced in the municipality over the last ten years, and to develop recommendations for future land use. The recommendations were broken down into a short-, medium-, and long-term implementation schedule.

Fort Monmouth Planning Services

Client: Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA)

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Since 2011, Phillips Preiss has provided ongoing planning consulting services to the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA). FMERA is the entity responsible for overseeing the redevelopment of Fort Monmouth with an emphasis on job creation, economic development, conservation of natural resources, and housing creation. PPG has provided planning advisory services to FMERA including the preparation of redevelopment plans, amendments to the Reuse and Redevelopment Plan, and open space analyses among other tasks.

Bethlehem Citywide Historic Preservation Plan

Client: City of Bethlehem, PA


The City of Bethlehem retained Phillips Preiss to reexamine and refine its existing historic resource surveys, establish criteria and an action plan for additional landmark designations, and explore the idea of using tools outside of designation to preserve its rich architectural and cultural heritage. The strategies in the Preservation Plan dovetail with other City initiatives, so that preservation works to further – rather than restrain – economic development, neighborhood revitalization, environmental sustainability, affordable housing, and other desired goals.

Municipal Consolidation Advisory Services - Bergen County, NJ

Clients: Members of the New Jersey State Legislature


Phillips Preiss provided planning and economic analysis services in support of “The Meadowlands Regionalization, Efficiency and Property Tax Relief Act of 2010” (bill number A2939/S2078), a municipal consolidation bill for part of southern Bergen County. The bill proposes to dissolve the Borough of Teterboro (a municipality with 67 residents), modify the boundaries of other municipalities, and rationalize the tax-sharing agreements for the Hackensack Meadowlands District. Phillips Preiss advised two of the primary sponsors of this law, Senator Robert M. Gordon and Assemblywoman Connie Wagner.


Although the bill has not yet been passed by the Legislature, it has helped bring municipal consolidation issues to the forefront. Related legislation has been passed to ease municipal consolidation efforts.

Downtown Montclair Development Impact Analysis

Client: Township of Montclair, NJ



Phillips Preiss was retained by the Township of Montclair to assess the potential impacts of a major downtown mixed-use project. Notably, the development was proposed to include housing for approximately 1,000 students from a nearby state university, as well as retail, office, hotel and/or residential components. The Phillips Preiss study analyzed aesthetic, community, economic and traffic impacts and outlined a variety of possible benefits and challenges, which helped lay the groundwork for a productive discussion between the applicant, the Township and the greater Montclair community.


The student housing project did not move forward, due in part to concerns about potential impacts uncovered by Phillips Preiss' study. The Township of Montclair subsequently hired Phillips Preiss to prepare a redevelopment investigation for the study area, as well as a redevelopment plan.

Cranbury Master Plan

Client: Township of Cranbury, NJ



As the Township Planner, Phillips Preiss prepared Cranbury’s Master Plan, which recommended amendments to the Zoning Code to help preserve the Township’s rural character and historic Village center while ensuring a fiscally-sustainable future for the Township by encouraging non-residential development opportunities in appropriate locations (e.g., in the vicinity of Route 130).


Following the adoption of the plan, Phillips Preiss worked with the Township Committee on the preparation of zoning amendments to implement plan recommendations and strategies.

Master Plan Amendment for the Honeywell International Corporate Campus

Client: Morris Township, NJ



Honeywell International, Inc. has maintained its nearly 150-acre corporate headquarters in Morris Township, New Jersey for some time. Because of changing business needs coupled with a multitude of outdated and/or obsolete buildings on-site, Honeywell approached Morris Township to establish a more modern campus that could respond to current operational and technological demands as well as provide for other development opportunities within the campus. Phillips Preiss worked on behalf of the Morris Township Planning Board in master plan and zoning amendments designed to provide for a new mixed-use, planned development district that will allow Honeywell to refurbish existing buildings, construct new office and lab space, develop up to 235 townhouse units, and provide passive as well as active recreational space on-site.


The Planning Board adopted the Master Plan amendment and the governing body held public hearings on the zoning ordinance amendment.

Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Study

Client: Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), New York, NY


RIOC retained Phillips Preiss to conduct a retail market analysis and planning study to help Main Street realize its potential as the true town center of Roosevelt Island. The report revealed significant potential for more retail on Main Street and recommended a series of policy and urban design interventions to revitalize the commercial district.


Within one year of the completion of the study, RIOC moved forward with a central recommendation of the report by soliciting proposals for a master leaseholder for the Main Street retail spaces.

Morris Avenue Revitalization Plan

Client: City of Elizabeth, New Jersey


Phillips Preiss was retained by the City of Elizabeth to create a corridor revitalization plan for a key commercial corridor by leveraging two engines of the local economy: 1) the growing Colombian retail district clustered near the Elizabeth Train Station; and 2) Kean University, an expanding public university in Union Township. The resulting plan provided strategies to tap into “town/gown” synergies between Kean University and “Little Colombia,” encourage transit-oriented redevelopment, strengthen the commercial environment and improve the public realm.

Comprehensive Plans and Zoning Amendments for the Hudson River Valley

Clients: Villages of Dobbs Ferry, Hastings-on-Hudson, Ossining and South Nyack, NY



Phillips Preiss has prepared Comprehensive Plans and zoning amendments for several Hudson River villages in Westchester and Rockland Counties, advising these clients from the earliest phases of community outreach all the way through the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) process and early implementation. While each community has its own distinct traits, all share a common set of planning and development issues: allowing for fiscally and environmentally sustainable development; providing diverse housing options; protecting neighborhood character, scenic views and historic resources; creating downtown vitalization strategies; minimizing traffic; and protecting natural resources. Through the Comprehensive Plan process, Phillips Preiss has developed innovative land use strategies based on a sound understanding of each community’s vision, key assets and market position.


Phillips Preiss' work on the Village of Ossining Comprehensive Plan and Amendments to the Zoning Code and LWRP received the 2010 achievement award for outstanding plan from the Westchester Municipal Planning Federation.

Saddle River Crossing

Client: Borough of Saddle River, New Jersey


The Borough of Saddle River has a small concentration of retail, civic, office and educational uses along the Saddle River at the crossing of its main roadways. In its role as Borough Planner, Phillips Preiss prepared a “Crossing Plan” which made the Saddle River the focal point of its historic hamlet by utilizing the river to figuratively stitch together the area through the creation of a trail system. Zoning Code amendments, designation of a local historic district, amendments to the Historic Preservation Ordinance, and creation of design guidelines were among the recommended strategies for implementation.


The Borough has begun to implement the trail system along the Saddle River by renovating an existing wooden walkway and requiring a recent development in the Crossing area to incorporate its landscaping and walkways into the trail system.